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Home Styling and Interior Design Marbella - Puerto Banus

Home Styling and Interior Design Marbella

A client’s first visit to a property is extremely important, therefore presenting it in the best way possible is key to making an impact on the potential buyer.We always recommend that professional photography be carried out; equally important, however, is to present the property in a way that is as impersonal as possible. A client must be able to walk through the door and imagine him/her self living there. The more neutral a property is, and the more uncluttered and free of personal items, photos etc., the easier it will be for the client to envisage him/her self living there.

With this in mind, and because we know that sometimes all a property needs to exploit its full potential is a little change here and there, we offer a Home Styling service, provided by an in-house consultant who specialises in interiors. Our home stylist will be able to advise you on the minimum work required to obtain the best results, in order to make a good impression on potential purchasers, and can also offer you a full range of products and services such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Furniture packages
  • Upholstery work
  • Fabrics and leathers
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Art and ornaments
  • Bespoke furniture, carpentry work
  • Kitchen and bathroom projects
  • Awnings
  • Security gates
  • Total refurbishment and construction work
  • Garden design and technical advice

Our products are sourced from reliable and long established suppliers. Interior elements offered are constantly updated and selected from the best furniture exhibitions in Europe at very competitive prices.Please contact us for prices and/or to make an appointment with our consultant.

Crear Hogar is an Interior Decoration Service offered by El Corte Inglés. We take on projects from start to finish; from the initial drafting of sketches right up to the completion of work, including the purchase of materials, white goods and furniture, hiring of workers and quality control, all of which will be carried out within the agreed time frame. Crear Hogar will put you in contact with a professional who will take over the project entirely. He will be given your details and he will then set in motion the initial brainstorming, provide you with sketches and, once they have been approved, he will coordinate all the tasks such as purchases, hiring of workers, building work and necessary supervision so that the renovation will be completed within the given time frame. Why not sit back and leave the responsibility to someone else when renovating your home? We even offer two years guarantee on all our work and installations


The Decorators


We are a team of fully-qualified professionals ready to undertake interior decoration projects, personalised and adapted to the tastes and needs of each client. Listen, interpret, asses, propose, act!!


The layout, lighting, and careful selection of furniture are the resources needed for the correct result. But just as important as functionality is what I call "the soul of the house." A house with personality transmits the owners' taste whose style we may not identify with, yet if the home has as soul, it will most definitely seduce you.


I like peaceful, calm colours, lots of light and an ambiance that encourages you to relax. In my opinion these are the components of a welcoming, warm and friendly home. Everything should be connected; the furniture, the colours, the spaces. What I like most though is surprises.


Apart from the construction, we also create homes with rooms full of light to awaken our senses. We are a team who will only be satisfied when we achieve a habitat that goes way beyond the expectations of the people who will be using it in their daily life.


Colour plays a major role in decoration. It gives life to a room and therefore I make a special effort when choosing the combination of materials of different colours and textures. Each room tells a distinct story with its spaces, functionality, colour, textures and balance of its composition.


I always try to establish harmony and timeless beauty along with a touch of avant-garde. To me, decoration is like a projection of one's personality onto the space, something natural that acquires character over a period of time. I focus a lot on light and fine materials which suggest a theme of nature.


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Our Offer


  • Complex designs of all kinds of homes – from studios, through apartments to villas.
  • Detailed designs of kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms or private office rooms.
  • Redesign and HOMESTAGING.


  • Built-in furniture design: kitchens, wardrobes, libraries etc.
  • Individual furniture design: tables, chests of drawers, toilet tables etc.
  • Renovation of old furniture


  • Decorating interiors with fabrics: windows, furniture etc.
  • Decorating walls: choice of pictures, paintings (with framing), photos etc.
  • Artistic wall painting: abstract and figurative compositions, floral and animal motives, cartoons pictures for kids



The art of homestaging is the process of cleaning, organizing, rearranging, updating and preparing your home for enjoyment or for sale/rent.

Why homestaging? Simply to feel better in your own home or...

  • Staged Homes sell faster and for more money.
  • Staged Homes look better than competing homes.
  • Buyers view Staged Homes as homes that have been well taken care of.
  • Agents recognize Staged Homes as properties ready to sell and are more likely to show your home to clients.

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